Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to obtain a receipt for extended medical?

Yes. Linda is a registered through the CMTBC and will provide you with her number on the receipt. 

How would I find out if I have extended medical through my employer?

Your employer would be able to provide that information for you.

Does Linda treat people that have been in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and is able to go through ICBC?

 Yes. She once you pay her directly after the treatment she will provide you with a receipt for any claim. 

What should be provided for the visit?

All Linda will require is a room big enough to fit a 6 foot by 3 feet massage table, and enough space to work around it, a glass of water and payment.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. 

What is worn during a treatment?

During a massage with oil being used wear what's comfortable for you. You will be covered with a sheet at all times and only the area being worked is exposed.

During CranioSacral Therapy clothing in worn and Thai Massage loose comfortable clothing is worn for stretching purposes.

What can massage help with?

Pain, reducing stress and tight muscles, circulation, increasing relaxation, arthritis, sprains, strains, headaches, migraines, whiplash, sciatica, tendonitis, scoliosis, anxiety, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, digestive issues, lymphatic issues, carpal tunnel, torticollis, thoracic outlet syndrome, varicose veins, pregnancy related pain/discomfort, myofascial pain, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Raynaud's disease, diabetes, improves mood, reduces anger and aggression, reduces fatigue, enhances immune system, improves athletic performance and enhances recovery, and can help cancer patients. 

What's best to do after a massage?

Drink lots of water. Depending on your case heat or ice could be applied or taking an Epsum or Sea Salt bath.


Heat can be applied in cases that will relax tissue further. Ice is general used to bring down pain and inflammation. Both can be used to help increase a vascular flush to speed up healing and flush out toxins. The different salts will help flush out toxins that have been released from the muscle tissue during massage and decrease the chance of being achy from a deep tissue treatment.

Is massage safe?

In most cases it is. Upon going through the Confidential Health History Form and Assessment before a treatment if Linda suspects something may be of concern to see your doctor she will let you know. Linda will always work with your comfort level with pressure during. If anything feels uncomfortable let her know and she will adjust the pressure or technique used. 

What if I'm pregnant? Is massage safe?

Massage is safe in most cases. There's always a suggestion to get the okay by your doctor. Depending on you and your pregnancy certain techniques would be avoided. Linda will always work with the pressure you can handle and at anytime you feel uncomfortable let her know. She will adjust what she's doing or you may need to adjust your position as well. 

Does Linda massage children?

Yes. She always make sure she has the parents consent and a they are free to stay in the room if wanting to.